Peer Reviewed

Davies, S.W., Ormosi, P.L. (2015) Mergers after cartels: How markets react to cartel breakdownJournal of Law and Economics, 58(3), 561-583

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Ormosi, P.L. (2011) Diminishing incentives to reveal efficiency-related evidence: an empirical analysis of EC merger cases, World Competition 34(4), 615–640.


Working papers

Mariuzzo, F., Ormosi, P.L (2016) Ignoring post-intervention price variance in difference-in-differences studies, CCP Working Paper 16-05

Havell, R., Mariuzzo, F., Ormosi, P.L (2016) What Can Merger Retrospectives Tell Us? An Assessment of European Mergers, CCP Working Paper, 16-04

Bos, I., Davies, S.W., Harrington, J., Ormosi, P.L. (2014) The Deterrent Effect of Anti-Cartel Enforcement: A Tale of Two TailsCCP Working Paper 14-06

Davies, S.W., Ormosi, P.L. (2013) The impact of competition policy: what are the known unknowns?CCP Working Paper 13-07

Davies, S.W., Ormosi, P.L. (2010) Assessing Competition Policy: Methodologies, Gaps and Agenda for Future ResearchCCP Working Paper 10-19

Ormosi, P.L. (2009) Determinants of the success of remedy offers: Evidence from European Community mergersCCP Working Paper 09-11.

Ormosi, P.L. (2009) Are all mergers equally delay-averse? An empirical analysis of European Commission merger cases (1999-2008)CCP Working Paper Series 09-10.




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